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Electronic Musician is jam-packed with essential information on personal studio recording, midi applications, music software, synth programming and much more. EM is the premier resource for making and recording music!

Spin Magazine Free One Year Subscription
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Spin will rock your world with coverage of the progressive music scene and in-depth investigative reporting on a slew of issues, from politics to pop culture. Reviews, essays, profiles, and interviews make up a package of pure rock with an alternative spin.

Opera News Magazine Free 1 Year Subscription
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Published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, the world's most popular opera magazine is beautifully illustrated and intelligently written, featuring articles on bold new directors and designers, fresh new productions, young new singers, performance reports from around the world, and information on telecasts and radio broadcasts.

Batanga Latin Music Magazine Free One Year Subscription
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Batanga Latin Music covers every Latin music genre under the sun and their influence in the entertainment world. Its a lot of ground to cover in every issue, but you our readers are definitely worth it. In addition to a completely new look, our new sections have the fix for your inner web addict, clue you in on what artists themselves are listening to, shout out to the classics and much more! Weve also revamped our CD reviews, added concert recaps, fashion specials and breaking new artist profiles.

Sound & Communications Magazine Free One Year Subscription
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Sound & Communications Magazine addresses the interests of its readers from church sound installations to "cutting edge" audiovisual theme park systems.