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Free Children's Digest Magazine Free Issue (Ages 9-12)
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Children's Digest prepares kids for the teen years in a fun and colorful introduction to science, fitness and safety, Up-to-date reviews of subjects of interest such as CD-ROMs and books. And let's not forget the great puzzles and activities packet into every issue.

Free Jack & Jill Magazine Free Issue (Ages 7-10)
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Since 1938 parents have tooked to Jack and Jill magazine for the best stories, and educational activities for kids ages 7-10. Today it is still steeped in that same tradition, with an up-to-date menu of science, health and fitness, and activie lifestyle pieces that kids will find a refreshing challenge. Regular features like "Health Heroes," "Jack and Jill's Deli," and profiles of regular kids doing extraordinary things make Jack and Jill required reading but not reading you'll have to require.

Free Children's Playmate Magazine Free Issue (Ages 6-8)
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Children's Playmate features creative stories, poems, rebuses, recipes, activities, crafts, science experiments, and health articles for children ages 6 to 8. In our "Ask Doctor Cory" column, kids can send in their health questions and see them answered in an upcoming issue. We also print poems, jokes, and artwork sent in by our readers. Our publication strives to make learning fun, and promote good health habits that will last a lifetime.

Free Humpty Dumpty Magazine Free Issue (Ages 4-6)
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Humpty Dumpty's Magazine (published bi-monthly) is an egg-cellent fun magazine for four-to-six-year-old learners. Designed to keep young minds growing and active bodies healthy and fit, it tickles the imagination with entertaining stories, games, puzzles, crafts, and other activities. Beginning learners will enjoy the challenge as they develop their cognitive and growth motor skills. Parents and teachers will love the health features.

Free Turtle Magazine Free Issue (Ages 2-5)
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Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids features colorful and entertaining stories, poems, and rebuses, perfect for reading aloud. Hidden pictures, dot-to-dots, mazes, and science experiments challenge young minds. Easy, healthful recipes teach kids basic kitchen skills and nutrition facts. "Our Own Pictures" encourages kids to express their artistic side, while "Ask Doctor Cory" features the latest, up-to-date health information for parents and teachers.

Peta Magazine for Kids Free Issue
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Peta Magazine is filled with interviews with today’s hottest animal-friendly celebs, cool contests, and easy ways to help animals.

Lego Magazine Free Subscription
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No, your memory isn’t playing tricks on you. We’re going back…back…waaay back into the LEGO Club archives! From the classic Brick Kicks of the 1980s to the wild LEGO Mania of the ‘90s to the modern LEGO Magazine today, we’re flashing back to bring you some of the best (and weirdest) things we’ve ever printed!